Book - Death by Metal: The HIstory of Chuck Schuldiner - English Edition


DEATH BY METAL is the first and only book ever written in English about the life and work of Chuck Schuldiner. Initially released in Italy and later released in Brazil, this almost 300-page book covers Chuck's entire journey.

This English version has hardcover, a beautiful design, tons of images and an engaging read, praised by everyone who had the chance to read it. Only 999 copies were printed, and we have less than 100 still available. 

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United States, mid-80s. Following the rise of thrash metal, another revolution disturbs the heavy metal scene: the birth of a major monster, death metal. And right in the heart of this storm, one group stands out to the point of practically naming the genre as a whole – Death, guided by the tenacity and perseverance of a boy who would not give up on his dreams easily.

His name is Chuck Schuldiner. Thanks to Chuck, over the years Death became a complex war machine. Far from the stereotypes and clichés of the musical currents that the band helped create, the group elevated the idea of ​​heavy metal to a level that few dared to play.

Tracing the most important events in Chuck's life and career, extracting details from those who knew him closely, and examining all his albums from a musical and lyrical point of view, this book celebrates the life and work of a great artist, whose contribution is seminal to the history of heavy metal. A boy who always liked to think independently and who lived for the music, whose dream was prematurely interrupted, at the age of thirty-four, by a cruel illness that took his life.


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